Coco Palm Garden
Studios & Apartments  - Bonaire
Vacation Rentals for divers and windsurfers
Casa Oleander
Turquoise Paradise is in the Kaya Saturnus -
across the street from Casa Cambur.

There are 3 townhouses  (living and kitchen on the
ground floor, bedrooms and bath on the floor above).

The left townhouse is  Strea di Laman
the middle one is  Kabai di Laman

The 3rd townhouse is not under the management of
Coco Palm Garden
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Our prices are for 2 persons per night and
includes all taxes.

extra person per night  $15..50
children under 12 years $10 per night

Electricity and water are very expensive on Bonaire, in 2005 there was an
increase of 70%.  We did not want to increase our prices, but sorry, if you want
to make use of the airco a fee of $12.50 per bedroom per night applies.
for more satelite pictures of Bonaire and
our properties please click here